FA 2v2 Low Skill Tournament #2

Dawn of War II: Elite 2v2 Tournament

FA #2 is the second Foreign Allegiance hosted tournament, organized by FA| Welshy!. It will be played on the Elite 2.4.2 patch.

This tournament is aimed towards low level team play, and is a great springboard to get newer players some experience before they face more dangerous foes.

For a more complete overview of the way FA runs these tournaments, consult the Foreign Allegiance Tournament Rules Sheet.


Players and Team Picks


Host Settings

  1. Victory Point Control: 500 VPs
  2. Starting Location: Random
  3. Resources: Standard
  4. In the first round, each match will be a Best of One match. From the second round onwards, each match will be a Best of Three.

Maps Picks

  1. Maps are always selected before hero picks.
  2. The first game of a match in each round is played on a fixed map. The maps for each round are written right under the Round Display in the Brackets page linked above.
  3. After the first game, the map is the losing team's pick.
  4. Each player can veto 1 map during a match, but not the fixed map of the round. Maps not in the map pool are automatically vetoed.
  5. No map can be played more than once within a single match. This includes different "variations" of a single map, such as Pale Tooth Gorge and Green Tooth Gorge.

Hero Picks

  1. Each player submits 3 commanders prior to the start of the tournament. Each pairing can play with any combination of commanders selected.
  2. If a team does not have a reserve player avaible within 10-15 minutes when the losing team makes a veto of 1 of their players, the short-staffed team gets an automatic loss. However, they will be allowed to continue playing even if no reserve shows at all for the continuation of the tournament. This rule applies for each round, meaning that the clan/players who dont have replacements will always start with 1 automatic loss.
  3. If a player disconects during the tournament or if the game crashes, it's up to the teams playing to decide what should be the course of action. In the event that they dont reach an agreement, referees or organizers will make the final decision.
  4. At 3:15 URC time on Saturday, February 13th any player who is not present in the Teamspeak channel will forfeit the entire tournament. This is the time that the tournament rules and brackets will be revealed. The tournament will then start. Detail on the Teamspeak channel can be found in the registration thread.
  5. Coverage