Beginners Tournament #9

Dawn of War II: Elite 1v1 Tournament

BT #9 is the ninth Beginners Tournament, organized by Licking Boogeryman. It was played on the 2.4.2 patch. This tournament was the first of Boogeyman's and used a different elimination system to determine who advanced.


Hero Picks



    Players were required to enter TeamSpeak in order to participate in the tournament. The TeamSpeak details were: Server: Password: None

Host settings

  1. Victory Point Control (500vps)
  2. Random Starting Location
  3. Standard Resources


  1. The first game of a match in each round is played on a fixed map.
  2. The loser picks the map in the following games from the map pool.
  3. Each team can veto a single map during a match, but not the fixed map of the round.
  4. No map can be played more than once within a single match. This includes variants of a map such as Pale Tooth Gorge and Green Tooth Gorge.

Map Pool

  1. Siwal Frontier
  2. Green Tooth Gorge
  3. Quest's Heresy
  4. Lugganath Glacier
  5. Fedrid Folly
  6. Imperial Plaza
  7. Calderis Refinery


  1. While registering for the tournament, the player must pick three (3) commanders that they will be playing in the tournament and cannot pick anything beside them.
  2. The player can pick any one of their three commanders at any time and must let the other players know their pick prior to the game's start.
  3. The picking order is explained in the Commander Choices section of the rules thread.


Live coverage will be provided on Twitch by: