“I walk the witch path, and it leads to war...”

Warlocks are Seers who once trod the Path of the Warrior, and their previous experience as Aspect Warriors allows them to harness their more destructive impulses when using their psychic powers in combat. Few of the psykers found among the other intelligent species of the galaxy can equal the arcane might of an Eldar Warlock or match their combat prowess with the power of the Warp.

Unit stats
Model stats
melee skill70
sight40 (5)
charge speed+1
charge range15
charge duration8
charge cooldown16
health regen0.50.530.550.580.610.640.670.70.740.78
energy regen11.
melee skill70717374757778808182
melee damage11.
range damage11.



melee_pvp damage
46 damage per hit
32.86 damage per second


piercing_pvp damage
40 damage per hit
15.22 damage per second



melee_pvp damage
69 damage per hit
49.29 damage per second


piercing_pvp damage
40 damage per hit
15.22 damage per second

Merciless Witchblade


melee_pvp damage
130 damage per hit
65 damage per second


piercing_pvp damage
40 damage per hit
15.22 damage per second

Witchblade of Kurnous


melee_power_weapons_pvp damage
100 damage per hit
71.43 damage per second


piercing_pvp damage
40 damage per hit
15.22 damage per second

Melee Resistance Aura

This unit takes 40% less damage from melee weapons. Passive ability.

Warlock Energy Aura

Allied infantry and heroes within a radius of 15 from the Warlock regenerate energy 30% faster. Passive ability.


Allied Wraithguard within a radius of 30 of the Farseer or Warlock have their speed increased by 1. However, Wraithguard within a radius of 25 when a squad leader Warlock dies are stunned for 2.5 seconds and take 100 spore damage. Passive ability.

Fleet of Foot

Gain +3 speed for 10 seconds, but deliver 80% less ranged damage and 40% less melee damage for the duration. Howling Banshees with the Exarch also take 50% less ranged damage. Cooldown 35 seconds.


Fires two roiling blasts of psychic energy that deal 25 psychic damage each in radius 5. Range 50, cooldown 40 seconds.


Engulfs an area of radius 7 in wreathing flames, doing 15 ability flame damage every second for 7 seconds. Range 40, cooldown 50 seconds.

Ethereal Slash

Slashes enemies with a myriad of ethereal blades. The Warlock attacks in each direction, doing 25 melee damage and weapon knockback in radius 6 along four lines of length 12.5. Cooldown 50 seconds.

Psychic Shield
1 for every 5 damage taken

Creates a psychic shield that causes damage to reduce energy rather than health. Also makes Warlock immune to weapon knockback.

Cloaking Shroud

Infiltrates allies in radius 15 around the Warlock and lowers their received ranged damage by 15% and received suppression by 30%. The Warlock gains 50% lowered received ranged damage and 25% lowered received suppression.


Become invulnerable, immune to weapon knockback, and have energy regeneration increased by 25 e/s for 15 seconds. The Warlock's other ability cooldowns are reduced to 10% of normal if used while Providence is active. Ability charged by taking 450 damage. 150 second cooldown.


Forms a psychic bond with the targeted allied infantry unit, healing them for 20 health every second and increasing energy regeneration by 200% for 10 seconds. The Warlock must remain stationary or the bond is broken. Range 34, cooldown 60 seconds.

Warp Throw

Throws enemy infantry in radius 12 of the target location into the targeted direction using weapon knockback. Range 40, cooldown 60 seconds.


Cause a squad to excel in combat, increasing their movement speed by 2 and increasing the squad's damage output by 25% for 10 seconds. Cooldown 60 seconds.

Immolator  | T1
100 25 20

Equips an improved witchblade that causes targets to burst into flames, doing 5 piercing damage every second for 5 seconds on hit. Also grants the Immolate ability, which allows you to engulf an area in flames, doing 10 ability flame damage every second for 10 seconds. 49.29 melee DPS.

Champion's Robe  | T1
120 30 20

Grants the Psychic Shield ability that allows the Warlock to absorb damage at the cost of energy at the rate of 1 energy for 5 damage taken. Also increases health by 150.

Channeling Runes  | T1
100 20 20

Grants the Channeling ability, which allows the Warlock to restore an allied infantry unit's health by 20 every second and increasing energy regeneration by 200% for 10 seconds.

Merciless Witchblade  | T1
125 35 20

Equips a singing spear which drains 15 energy with every strike. Also increases ranged attack power and causes knockback on ranged attacks. 65 melee DPS, and 15.22 piercing DPS.

Cloak of Shadows  | T2
100 30 20

Grants the Cloaking Shroud ability which infiltrates nearby friendly units and reduces their received ranged damage by 15% and suppression by 30%. Also increases the Warlock's health by 150, energy regeneration by 1 e/s, and energy by 20.

Warp Throw  | T2
100 30 20

Grants the Warp Throw ability, which allows the Warlock to throw enemies from afar.

Witchblade of Kurnous  | T2
100 30 20

Equips a power melee witchblade that increases the Warlock's melee damage (71.43 power melee DPS) and grants the Ethereal Slash ability, which deals 25 meleedamage and knockback along four lines with an area of radius 6 around the Warlock.

Providence  | T3
150 50 20

Grants the Providence ability that when activated greatly reduces ability cooldowns by 10% and renders the Warlock invulnerable, immune to knockback, and have energy regeneration increased by 25 e/s for 15 seconds. Also increases health by 300.

Heart of Darkness  | T2
100 30 20

Grants the Enhance ability, which increases the damage output of a squad by 25% and increases its speed by 2 for 10 seconds.

Webway Gate  | T1

Build a Webway Gate at the target location, allowing units to move quickly across the battlefield. Takes 25 seconds to build.

Swift Movement  | T1

Increase the speed of all allied infantry and commanders by 2 for 20 seconds. Cooldown 50 seconds.

Distort Field  | T2

Decrease the amount of incoming ranged damage taken on a target squad by 50% for 20 seconds. Cooldown 50 seconds.

Summon Autarch  | T2
350 50 150

Summon an Autarch commander equipped with Swooping Hawk wings. Can leap across the battlefield. Passive aura strengthens nearby Eldar infantry. Inspires nearby allies with each kill. If Autarch is racalled, she can be called in again for only 150 red. Cooldown 100 seconds.

Eldritch Storm  | T3

After a 4 second delay, unleashes a terrifying psychic storm that strikes 27 times, each bolt doing 200 explosive damage and ability knockback in radius 6. Vehicles within radius 3 of a bolt are unable to move or attack for 14 seconds, and have their rotation rate reduced by 80%. Starting from the eye of the storm, 9 points are struck with 3 bolts each, with a 0.5 second delay between points, aside from the first, and a 0.3 second delay between bolts. There is a 1 second delay between the first strike and the second. Cooldown 120 seconds.