“Halt that you may await judgement!”

The Inquisitor is a clandestine agent of the Imperial Inquisition. Using rare technology afforded to her by the Inquisition and a detailed, but cautious, knowledge of the Chaotic and arcane, the Inquisitor confounds and disrupts her enemies with powerful spells and the Emperor's righteous fury.

Unit stats
Model stats
melee skill70
sight50 (5)
charge speed+2
charge range15
charge duration4
charge cooldown8
health regen0.50.510.530.540.550.570.580.590.610.62
energy regen11.11.211.331.461.611.771.952.142.36
melee skill70717374757778808182
melee damage11.
range damage11.



melee_pvp damage
35 damage per hit
35 damage per second


plasma_pvp damage
15 damage per hit
7.78 damage per second

Crossbow Bolt Pistol


piercing_pvp damage
45 damage per hit
31.5 damage per second


melee_pvp damage
35 damage per hit
35 damage per second

Holy Brazier


melee_power_weapons_pvp damage
65 damage per hit
50 damage per second


plasma_pvp damage
15 damage per hit
7.78 damage per second

Inferno Pistol


melta damage
100 damage per hit
43.48 damage per second


melee_pvp damage
35 damage per hit
35 damage per second

Melee Resistance Aura

This unit takes 40% less damage from melee weapons. Passive ability.

Hammer of the Witches

After a 2 second delay, inflicts 100 piercing damage on a single targeted infantry model and stuns it for 3.5 seconds. Range 30, cooldown 60 seconds.

Crippling Volley

Fires a volley of bolts in radius 8 and immobilizing them for 6 seconds. Range 30, cooldown 65 seconds. Requires the Crossbow Bolt Pistol upgrade.

Holy Pyre

Ignites the target area in holy flame for 30 seconds. Enemies in radius 18 are inflicted with 4 piercing damage per second and enemies in radius 30 have their damage reduced by 20%. The pyre has a vision radius of 30 and a detection radius of 20. Range 15, cooldown 50 seconds. Requires the Holy Brazier upgrade.


Judge an enemy non-building target. Judged units are inflicted with 1 damage every second for 60 seconds, during which time they may be subjected to Judgement. Using this ability replaces it with Judgement, allowing the Inquisitor to inflict massive damage to the Judged target. Range 70, cooldown 0 seconds. Requires the Inferno Pistol upgrade.


A shot from the Inquisitor's inferno pistol delivers holy judgement to the target of Judge; units within a radius 5 receive 75 judge shot av damage, units within a radius 3.5 receive an additional 50 damage, units within a radius 2 receive an additional 75 damage, and units within a radius 1, including the target, receive an additional 100 damage, totaling 300 at the center of the blast. There is a 15 second delay before you can use this ability, and if it is not used in 60 seconds, the target escapes Judgement and must be Judged again. Range 45.


Infiltrates an allied infantry squad for 30 seconds. Range 35, cooldown 1 second. Requires the Interrogator's Armor upgrade.


Immobilizes the targeted infantry squad, dealing 7.5 piercing damage every second for up to 8 seconds. Range 38, cooldown 50 seconds. Requires the Excruciators upgrade.


Unleashes a wave of fiery purgation around the Inquisitor to wipe away her quarry. Enemy infantry struck by the expanding ring are stunned for 4 seconds, and enemies in radius 5 of ring's termination are inflicted with 170 damage. Cooldown 75 seconds. Requires the Purgation upgrade.

Conversion Field

Activate a conversion field that causes damage to reduce energy rather than health. Requires the Rosarius upgrade.


The Inquisitor's speed is increased by 3 and she becomes invulnerable for 7 seconds. Cooldown 85 seconds. Requires the Inquisitorial Mandate upgrade.

Auspex Scan

The Servo Skull's auspex equipment scans an area, lifting the fog of war and revealing infiltrated enemies for 5 seconds in a radius of 35. Range 85, cooldown 40 seconds. Requires the Servo Skull upgrade.

Crossbow Bolt Pistol  | T1
130 25 20

Equips a crossbow pistol effective against infantry from range. Also grants the Crippling Volley ability, which immobilizes enemy infantry in an area. 30 piercing DPS.

Interrogator's Armor  | T1
110 20 20

Grants the Silently ability, allowing the Inquisitor to infiltrate an allied infantry unit. Also increases energy by 50.

Rosarius  | T1
100 25 15

Grants the Conversion Field ability that allows the Inquisitor to absorb damage at the cost of energy. 1 energy lost for every 5 damage taken.

Holy Brazier  | T1
100 20 20

Equips an upgraded melee weapon, effective against heavy infantry. Also grants the Holy Pyre ability, which damages enemies for 4 piercing DPS, and reduces the damage output enemies in an area by 20%. 50 power melee DPS.

Excruciators  | T2
140 20 20

Grants the Assail ability, which immobilizes, suppresses, and damages a target over time, dealing 7.5 piercing damage every second. Also increases the Inquisitor's health by 100.

Liber Heresius  | T1
110 20 20

Increases the Inquisitor's energy by 150 and energy regeneration by 20%.

Inferno Pistol  | T2
150 50 20

Equips a pistol effective against all targets. Also grants the Judgement ability, dealing heavy damage to a single target, up to 300 judge shot av damage at the center of the blast. 43.48 melta DPS.

Purgatus  | T3
150 50 20

Grants the Purgatus ability, which unleashes a ring of flames that stuns and damages enemies. Also increases health by 200.

Inquisitorial Mandate  | T2
120 30 20

Grants the Impenetrable ability which makes the Inquisitor invulnerable and increases her speed by 3 for 7 seconds.

Servo Skull  | T1
100 20 20

An Inquisitorial servo skull will follow the Inquisitor. Increases the Inquisitor's sight radius by 15 and unlocks the Auspex Scan ability. While the servo skull is equipped, the Inquisitor will reveal each target she hits in melee combat for 30 seconds.

Imperial Guard Bunker  | T1
100 75

Deploy an Imperial Guard bunker that can be garrisoned by infantry. Can be upgraded to a medical or repair bunker, and can be booby trapped. Build time 10 seconds.

Hellfury Strike  | T2

Calls in a Valkyrie to fire hellfire missiles which unleash promethium on the ground after a 3 second delay that deals 20 flame ability damage and then 3 flame ability damage per second for 5 seconds. Cooldown 120 seconds.

Valkyrie Bane Wolf Drop  | T2
350 60 175

A Valkyrie delivers a Bane Wolf tank to the targeted location. Cooldown 300 seconds.

Infiltrated Storm Troopers  | T2
250 150

Calls in a squad of infiltrated Storm Troopers. Cooldown 300 seconds.

Rocket Run  | T3

After a delay of 3.8 seconds, calls in two Valkyries to perform two precision strafing runs, whose location and direction are decided by the player, with their multiple rocket pods. Each Valkyrie fires 7 rockets, each 0.2 seconds apart, along a line of length 40, each doing 50 explosive damage and ability knockback in radius 10. The second Valkyrie begins firing 3 seconds after the first one finishes. Cooldown 120 seconds.