Hive Tyrant


A Hive Tyrant is a creature created as a battlefield commander and primary synapse conduit for the Hive Mind. Every part of its body is perfectly crafted to maim and kill.

Unit stats
Model stats
melee skill70
sight38 (5)
charge speed+3
charge range15
charge duration4
charge cooldown6
health regen0.50.530.550.580.610.640.670.70.740.78
energy regen11.
melee skill70717273747576777879
melee damage11.
range damage11.



melee_pvp damage
43 damage per hit
43 damage per second

Rending Talons


melee_pvp damage
75 damage per hit
75 damage per second

Crushing Claw


melee_heavy damage
108 damage per hit
108 damage per second

Venom Cannon


armor_piercing_pvp damage
60 damage per hit
26.67 damage per second


melee_pvp damage
75 damage per hit
25 damage per second

Melee Resistance Aura

This unit takes 40% less damage from melee weapons. Passive ability.

Basic Synapse

Reduces the received ranged and melee damage, and received suppression of non-Warrior, non-hero Tyranids by 20%. Ranged damage reduction is increased to 22%/25%/27% at level 2/3/4. Also increases the speed of allied units with super heavy infantry armour by 1. Allows Hormagaunts to leap over cover when they're not suppressed. Radius 32. Passive ability.

Improved Synapse

Allied Tyranid non-hero, non-synapse infantry units in radius 32 have their health increased by 25%, in addition to the basic synapse. Requires the Improved Synapse upgrade. Passive ability.

Seismic Roar

Deals 20 piercing damage and weapon knockback to enemies in radius 10 of the Hive Tyrant. The ground in radius 15 becomes poisoned for the next 10 seconds, dealing 6 piercing damage every second to enemy infantry. 45 second cooldown.


Charge at the targeted location, increasing speed by 200%. Each second, all units in radius 6 take 7.5 power melee damage and ability knockback. Targets in radius 2 take an additional 7.5 power melee damage. Damage can only be dealt to each individual model 2 times every 2.5 seconds. 50 second cooldown.


Renders the Hive Tyrant invulnerable for 9 seconds. 80 second cooldown.

Warp Field
1 and then 1 for every 5 damage taken

Activates a psychic field that causes damage to reduce energy rather than health while active.

Psychic Scream

Reduces the damage of enemy infantry in radius 30 of the Hive Tyrant by 30% for 15 seconds. 40 second cooldown.


Hurls a blast of bio-plasma, doing up to 70 plasma cannon damage and weapon knockback in radius 5. Inflicts 35 plasma cannon damage to units from radius 5 to radius 7. Units remaining within a radius 5 of the impact point take 7 flame damage every second for 10 seconds. Range 50, 45 second cooldown.

Rending Talons  | T1
120 25 15

Upgrades the Hive Tyrant with rending talons, an improved melee weapon effective against infantry. Also grants the Seismic Roar ability, which deals 35 piercing damage and knocks back nearby units, and deals 6 piercing DPS for 10 seconds in the affected area. 75 melee DPS.

Extended Carapace  | T1
110 25 20

Grants the Charge ability to the Hive Tyrant, which knocks back and deals 7.5 piercing damage per second to units within a radius 6, and deals an additional 7.5 damage to units in radius 2. Also increases health by 200 and 1 hp/s health regen.

Warp Field  | T1
100 25 15

Grants the Warp Field ability that allows the Hive Tyrant to absorb damage at the cost of energy. 1 energy lost for every 5 damage done.

Crushing Claws  | T2
150 50 15

Upgrades the Tyrant with massive crushing claws, effective against all targets. 108 heavy melee DPS.

Improved Synapse  | T1
115 30 15

Grants the passive Improved Synapse ability. Increases the health of allied Tyranid non-hero, non-synapse infantry units in radius 32 by 25% in addition to the effects of Basic Synapse. Also increases the Hive Tyrant's health by 150 and health regen by 1.5 hp/s.

Psychic Scream  | T1
100 20 15

Grants the Hive Tyrant the Psychic Scream ability, which causes enemy units around the Hive Tyrant to do 30% less damage.

Venom Cannon  | T2
120 30 20

Upgrades the Hive Tyrant with a venom cannon, a ranged weapon biomorph effective against vehicles. Deals 60 armor piercing damage per shot.

Bonded Exoskeleton  | T2
150 50 20

Grants the Invulnerability ability, allowing the Hive Tyrant to become invulnerable for 9 seconds. Also increases health by 300 and 1.5 hp/s health regen.

Bio-Plasma  | T1
100 20 15

Grants the Hive Tyrant the Bio-Plasma ability, a ranged area-of-effect attack that deals damage and weapon knockback.

Infestation  | T2

Spawns an Infestation Tower that provides the Capillary Synapse, and can spawn squads of Spore Mines and Rippers. Cooldown 60 seconds.

Brood Nest  | T1

Spawns a Brood Nest, which allows allied infantry squads to reinforce within a radius of 40. Also increases health regeneration of units in a radius 25 by 1 hp/s. Cooldown 30 seconds.

Spawn Tyrant Guard  | T2
300 50 175

Spawn a Tyrant Guard instantly at your HQ. 300 second cooldown.

Without Number  | T3
300 200

Calls down mycetic spores which do 25 explosive damage and weapon knockback in radius 9, then spawn a Hormagaunt Brood with Adrenal Glands and a Termagant Brood with Crippling Poison. Tyranid squads within a radius of 35 are reinforced. Reinforcement does not affect allied squads. 240 second cooldown.

Tyranoformation  | T3

After a 3 second delay, 7 Capillary Towers begin to erupt from the ground. The center tower emerges first, doing 175 explosive damage in radius 7. The second, fourth and sixth towers deal 175 explosive damage in a radius 10, while the third and fifth towers deal 50 explosive damage in a radius 7. The final tower deals 50 explosive damage in a radius 10. All towers do ability knockback on emerging and emit a Capillary synapse in radius 45, affecting non-Warrior and non-hero allied Tyranids (increasing damage output by 15% and reducing received damage by 15%). Also increases speed of Tyranid commanders and infantry by 1.5 in a radius 100 for 23 seconds after emerging. 120 second cooldown.