“Fall under the weight of aeons!”

A Farseer is the most potent and respected form of Eldar psyker, but has now become lost on the Path of the Seer. Farseers possess a wide variety of psychic specialities with divination being the most common skill. They are most often known for using their vast psychic powers to see the possibilities of the future to be able to manipulate events to better ensure the survival of the Eldar.

Unit stats
Model stats
melee skill70
sight50 (5)
charge speed+2
charge range15
charge duration4
charge cooldown8
health regen0.50.530.550.580.610.640.670.70.740.78
energy regen11.
melee skill70717273747576777879
melee damage11.
range damage11.



melee_pvp damage
35 damage per hit
35 damage per second


piercing_pvp damage
6 damage per hit
2.47 damage per second



melee_pvp damage
75 damage per hit
57.69 damage per second


piercing_pvp damage
25 damage per hit
10.29 damage per second

Singing Spear


melee_heavy damage
100 damage per hit
76.92 damage per second


piercing_pvp damage
25 damage per hit
10.29 damage per second

Gravity Blade


melee_pvp damage
65 damage per hit
65 damage per second


piercing_pvp damage
25 damage per hit
10.94 damage per second

Melee Resistance Aura

This unit takes 40% less damage from melee weapons. Passive ability.


Allied Wraithguard within a radius of 30 of the Farseer or Warlock have their speed increased by 1.5. However, Wraithguard within a radius of 25 when a squad leader Warlock dies are stunned for 2.5 seconds and take 100 spore damage. Passive ability.

Fleet of Foot

Gain +3 speed for 10 seconds, but deliver 80% less ranged damage and 40% less melee damage for the duration. Howling Banshees with the Exarch also take 50% less ranged damage. Cooldown 35 seconds.


Increases the range and damage of an allied infantry unit by 30% for 10 seconds. Range 30, cooldown 30 seconds.


Increases the received damage of an enemy unit by 30% for 10 seconds. Range 30, cooldown 30 seconds.

Levitation Field

Lifts enemies in radius 10 around the Farseer into the air, disabling them for 6.5 seconds with ability knockback. At the end of the ability, targets are thrown and take 50 power melee damage. Levitated enemies and the Farseer take 25% less damage. Cooldown 50 seconds.


Reduces the received damage of an allied unit by 30% for 15 seconds. Range 20, cooldown 30 seconds.

Time Field

Slows time around the targeted area in radius 16 for 10 seconds. All units but the Farseer herself have their speed reduced by 40% and cannot attack or use abilities. Range 40, cooldown 60 seconds.

Psychic Storm

The Farseer tears through the enemy's mental barriers, dealing 36 courage damage and 16 power melee damage per second for 7 seconds in a radius of 10. Range 35, cooldown 100 seconds.

Spiritual Rites

Restores 50 energy and 175 health to the Farseer and her infantry in radius 15. Allied units are only healed for 87.5. Cooldown 45 seconds.

Mind War

Engages in a duel of minds with a single enemy infantry unit. The target takes 40 heavy melee damage and 100 courage damage every second for 6 seconds. Range 30, cooldown 40 seconds.

Doombringer  | T1
115 25 20

Equips a singing spear that improves the Farseer's melee damage and upgrades her ranged attack. Also grants the Doom ability that increases the received damage of the targeted enemy by 30%. 57.69 melee DPS, 10.29 piercing DPS.

Armor of Fortune  | T1
110 25 20

Grants the Fortune ability which temporarily reduces the damage taken by an allied unit by 30% for 15 seconds. Also increases the Farseer's health by 150 and health regeneration by 3 hp/s.

Spirit Stones  | T1
120 30 20

When equipped, reviving fallen heroes will give the Farseer 85 energy as well as healing her for 15% of her maximum health. Also grants the Spiritual Rites ability, which restores 50 energy and 175 health to allied infantry in radius 15.

Singing Spear  | T2
130 35 20

Equips a singing spear that is effective against all targets (76.92 melee heavy DPS) and upgrades her ranged attack (10.92 piercing DPS).

Rune Armor  | T2
130 25 20

Increases the Farseer's health by 100, energy by 125 and energy regeneration by 1 e/s. Grants the Psychic Storm ability that deals 6 power melee damage and 18 courage damage every 0.5 seconds to enemy infantry within a radius of 10 for 7 seconds. Farseer takes 20% less damage while channeling this ability.

Ghosthelm  | T1
100 25 20

Grants the Mind War ability, a psychic duel in which the Farseer deals 40 heavy melee damage and 100 courage damage every second for 6 seconds to the target enemy and suppresses them.

Gravity Blade  | T2
120 25 20

Equips an improved witchblade and grants the Levitation Field ability, which disables enemy infantry around the Farseer with ability knockback, and deals 50 power melee damage. 65 melee DPS.

Armor of Asuryan  | T3
150 50 20

Grants the Time Field ability, which reduces movement speed by 40% in an area and makes affected units unable to attack or use abilities. Also increases the Farseer's health by 200 and health regeneration by 1 hp/s.

Runes of Reaping  | T2
100 25 20

These runes reduce the cooldown of all the Farseer's spells by 25% and increase energy regeneration by 1 e/s.

Webway Gate  | T1

Build a Webway Gate at the target location, allowing units to move quickly across the battlefield. Takes 25 seconds to build.

Farsight  | T1

Temporarily reveals an area in the fog of war and reveals infiltrated units in a radius of 35 for 40 seconds. Cooldown 40 seconds.

Summon Seer Council  | T3
500 250

Summon a squad of Seer Council. The council is a melee unit made up of Warlocks and projects an aura accelerating Energy regeneration of nearby allies and making them resistant to suppression. Cooldown 300 seconds.

Summon Autarch  | T2
350 50 150

Summon an Autarch commander equipped with Swooping Hawk wings. Can leap across the battlefield. Passive aura strengthens nearby Eldar infantry. Inspires nearby allies with each kill. If Autarch is racalled, she can be called in again for only 150 red. Cooldown 100 seconds.

Eldritch Storm  | T3

After a 4.7 second delay, unleashes a terrifying psychic storm that strikes 27 times, the first six bolts doing 125 explosive damage and ability knockback in radius 6, and every subsequent bolt deals 50 explosive damage and ability knockback in radius 6. Vehicles within radius 3 of a bolt are unable to move or attack for 14 seconds, and have their rotation rate reduced by 80%. Starting from the eye of the storm, 9 points are struck with 3 bolts each, with a 0.5 second delay between points, aside from the first, and a 0.3 second delay between bolts. There is a 1 second delay between the first strike and the second. Cooldown 120 seconds.