The Brother-Captain is a senior officer of the Grey Knights, second only to the Grand Masters. Each Brother-Captain commands a Brotherhood of the Chapter with absolute authority.

Unit stats
Model stats
melee skill70
sight40 (5)
charge speed+3
charge range12
charge duration4
charge cooldown6
health regen0.50.510.530.540.550.570.580.590.610.62
energy regen11.11.211.331.461.611.771.952.142.36
melee skill70717374757778808182
melee damage11.
range damage11.



melee_power_weapons_pvp damage
45 damage per hit
30 damage per second


piercing_pvp damage
15 damage per hit
15.79 damage per second

Nemesis Force Sword


melee_power_weapons_pvp damage
60 damage per hit
40 damage per second


piercing_pvp damage
15 damage per hit
15.79 damage per second

Nemesis Force Halberd


melee_power_weapons_pvp damage
125 damage per hit
83.33 damage per second

Nemesis Daemon Hammer


melee_pvp damage
150 damage per hit
100 damage per second

Nemesis Warding Staff


melee_power_weapons_pvp damage
112 damage per hit
74.67 damage per second

Melee Resistance Aura

This unit takes 40% less damage from melee weapons.

We Are the Hammer!

Inspire allied infantry within 25 radius, increasing speed by 1 and decreasing received damage by 15% for 15 seconds. The Brother-Captain also increases his melee charge range to 16 for the duration. The Brother-Captain is not affected by the speed buff. 60 second cooldown.

We Are the Hammer! (Improved)

Inspire allied infantry within 25 radius, increasing speed by 1.5 and decreasing received damage by 25% for 15 seconds. The Brother-Captain also increases his melee charge range to 18 for the duration. Requires the Nemesis Force Sword.

Canticle of Absolution

Target an area on the ground. Improve the energy regeneration of all friendly units and allies by 2.5 e/s and improves the cooldown recovery rate of abilities of units in this area by 2.5x for 15 seconds. Radius of 25. Range 30, 40 second cooldown.

Demolishing Strike

Does 40 melee damage and weapon knockback in a radius 10. 30 second cooldown.


Makes the Brother-Captain invulnerable for 6 seconds and instantly recharges his energy. 80 second cooldown.

Nemesis Vortex

Summon a controllable vortex of psychic energy that slows enemy movement by 30% in radius 12. After 10 seconds, the vortex explodes, dealing 80 explosive damage to nearby units. Range 30, 60 second cooldown.

Purified Blades

The Brother-Captain's melee attacks deal 5 melee splash damage per strike. Also grants a 20% chance of passively knocking back enemies that attack the Brother-Captain in melee. Passive ability.

The Unending Purge

Passively increases the Captain's health regeneration by 5 hp/s and speed by 1 when his health drops below 50%.


Shield an allied infantry unit with a psychic field for 10 seconds, granting it 30% damage mitigation and knockback immunity. Range 35, 40 second cooldown.

Psychic Lash

Flings a target unit a distance 30 in the direction of the Brother-Captain with weapon knockback, and does 170 psychic damage. Range 30, 60 second cooldown.

Nemesis Force Sword  | T1
120 20 20

Equips a Nemesis force sword effective against light and heavy infantry. Improves the We are the Hammer! ability. 40 power melee DPS.

Blessed Aegis  | T1
120 30 20

Grants the Aegis energy shield which allows the Brother Captain to absorb damage at the cost of energy. 5 damage absorbed for every point of energy lost.

The Unending Purge  | T1
110 20 15

Passively increases the Captain's maximum health by 100, increases maximum energy by 20, and passively increases his energy regeneration by 1 e/s.

Nemesis Force Halberd  | T2
150 35 20

Equips a Nemesis force halberd that deals splash damage. Very effective against light and heavy infantry. 83.33 DPS power melee, splash damage 10 power melee.

Mantle of Terra  | T1
100 25 20

Increases the Brother Captain's health by 250 and reduces all cooldowns by 30%. Grants the Nemesis Vortex ability.

Psychic Lash  | T1
100 25 15

Grants the Psychic Lash ability, which flings a target closer to the Brother-Captain.

Nemesis Daemon Hammer  | T2
135 40 20

Equips a Nemesis daemon hammer, effective against infantry. Also unlocks the Demolishing Strike ability which knocks away nearby enemies. 100 DPS melee.

Holy Armor of Titan  | T2
150 40 20

Increases the Brother-Captain's health by 500 and increases health regeneration by 3 hp/s. Also unlocks the Immortal ability, which grants invulnerability for a short duration.

Enfeeble  | T1
120 20 20

Grants the Enfeeble ability and increases the Brother Captain's maximum eneregy by 20.

Nemesis Warding Staff  | T2
135 40 20

Equip a force staff that improves the Brother-Captain's melee damage and unlocks the Ward ability which protects allied infantry. 74.66 DPS power melee.

Mind Blades  | T1

Temporarily increase a squad's damage output by 20% and melee skill by 10 for 20 seconds. Cooldown 60 seconds.

Dark Excommunication  | T1

Cloud the minds of enemy units in a targeted area of radius 30, forcing them into silence and preventing the use of any abilities for 15 seconds. Cooldown 180 seconds.

Deep Strike Paladin Squad  | T3
65 150 350

Teleport in a Paladin Squad to the targeted location. Paladins are special Terminators that can upgrade to have the Holy Ground ability, increasing speed of allies and decreasing speed of enemies. Armed with Nemesis force hammers and storm bolters.

Land Raider Thunderhawk Drop  | T3
800 200 250

A Thunderhawk gunship delivers a Land Raider Crusader to the battlefield. The Crusader is armed with two hurricane bolters, a twin-linked assault cannon, and a multi-melta. Cooldown 300 seconds.

Orbital Bombardment  | T3

Call in a massive orbital strike capable of destroying even the heaviest units. Deals 30 explosive dps in radius 4 for 6 seconds while lifting units. On detonation, it deals 500 explosive damage in radius 6 and an additional 150 explosive damage in radius 11. Cooldown 120 seconds.