Dawn of War II: Elite multiplayer mod

  • Version 2.8 released on July 8 2018
  • 2.8 is the current patch of the mod. You do not require any other version to install 2.8, only the full installer link below.
2.8 Full installer 1 GB 2.7.2 zip 1 GB

Elite Reporter add-on app

  • Version 0.3 released 26 Jan 2016
  • Run this while playing to send results and stats to our server
Download 7.6 MB


  • Run the installer


  • Use the Desktop shortcut the installer makes for you
  • Run Elite Reporter while playing to participate in leagues or collecting statistics


  • Join our Steam group and enter the chat room to arrange games.
  • Our Discord server is also up and running to leave feedback, talk balance and receive early news.